Based at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, Urban Farming Company is a social start-up applying design thinking and emerging technology to enhance children’s awareness of the benefits of fresh food using their digital knowledge and prowess.

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TableFarm is a fully integrated physical plant growing incubator for children utilising digital technology to gamify the process of growing. It bridges the digital-physical divide as an internet-of-things plant growing incubator using an accompanying software/app platform designed for social media integration and remote operation.

Conceived as a Tamagotchi-like device for real living plants, it uses an interactive gamified growing experience via smart phone, laptop or electronic tablet - enabling the cultivation of edible plants within the home and classroom.


A seamless interaction between software and hardware. The TableFarm gameplay aims to make use of numerous real-time sensors and plant care opportunities. Children will be rewarded in-game for their plant progress and vice versa. Watch this space...


It's alive!

Gamifying plant cultivation: (work in progress):

TableFarm®'s Green-Finger Score is live real-world plant data for our star plant called Minty MacMintface.

Our TableFarm test-rig monitors key environmental conditions and Minty's growth using innovative computer vision software to assess the quantity and quality of 'green' in the image below and reward points appropriately.



In our age of virtual existences and on-line experiences the digital skills and confidence of young children using a tablet, laptop or smart phone is truly impressive...but you'll be truly shocked if you question them about where their food comes from.

In a recent food survey of 2,000 children

Sustainable food and farming organisation Linking Environment and Farming (Leaf)

child strawberry

Key challenge:

How can we develop our children's awareness of the benefits of fresh food using their digital knowledge?

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