The TableFarm

The smart plant growing device for children...in the home or classroom.

Using a wonderfully immersive gamified growing experience the TableFarm allows interaction with the the growing platform via smartphone, laptop or tablet.


In our age of virtual existences and on-line experiences the digital skills and confidence of young children using a tablet, laptop or smart phone is truly impressive...but youíll be truly shocked if you question them about where their food comes from.


In a recent food survey of 2,000 children

Sustainable food and farming organisation Linking Environment and Farming (Leaf):

28% donít know carrots grow underground


60% admitted they didn't know lettuce grew on the ground


78% didn't know broccoli grew on a plant


5% believe strawberries grow inside the fridge


How can we develop our childrenís awareness of the benefits of fresh food using their digital knowledge?


A seamless interaction between software and hardware.

The Gameplay - real-time sensor feedback and care opportunities.